Secondary prostate cancer

The hormone-sensitive cells die and the hormone-resistant cells overgrow, resulting in disease progression.

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The drug of choice for secondary treatment is estramustine Estracyt. The success of the therapy is followed by changes of the prostate-specific antigen level and Karnofsky scale.

Possible association found between radiotherapy for prostate cancer and risk of secondary cancers

In the present study, the results of estramustine treatment of 79 secondary prostate cancer with advanced prostate cancer in 12 hospitals were evaluated.

The mean prostate-specific antigen level improved for 6 months, but rose from the ninth month on.

Subjects must meet all of the following criteria to be enrolled in this study: 1.

The improvement in the subjective condition of the patients paralleled the change in the prostate-specific antigen level. The short time of improvement was a consequence of the very high prostate-specific antigen level and the poor general condition.

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Estramustine administration is recommended when the prostate-specific antigen level becomes more than doubled following primary treatment. If the prostate-specific antigen level has not decreased after treatment for 3 months, the secondary strategy is to apply chemotherapy.

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